Gambling is a way to spend our leisure time. Online gambling is one of the best gambling processes. Affilisearch is a leading gambling network which is launched in the UK. There are two types of campaigns are available, they are affiliate campaigns and merchant campaigns. There are different kinds of policies available for affiliates as well as merchants on this site. Affilisearch Ltd is a company. This company invents the site affilisearch.co.uk.


The following terms and conditions are available for affiliates. They are enlisted below:

  • People should have the license before becoming an affiliate.
  • If a company has a doubt of your any declaration, they have legal rights to deactivate your account. They believe that you are fraud.
  • People use the downloadable software if the commission must approve this. Itsuse must compile with AUP.
  • They should use your email for further communication.
  • This site doesn’t disclose the personal information of people. It will always be confidential to other people.
  • This site does not take any responsibilities for any kind of damage to your PC
  • The company should take solicitor’s fees.
  • The company may assign the agreement with or without your consent.



These terms and conditions apply to merchant agreement.  They are:

  • To accept a merchant on this site it is necessary to take the approval of afflisearch They have right to withdraw the membership of any merchant for any kind of reason.
  • The product does not violet any kind of laws and regulations of government.
  • Affilisearch does not accept any adult, pornographicvideosas well as any illegal sites.
  • The merchant initially pays 1000 GBP. They pay it by cheque. Until sanctions of the rupees, the commissiondoesn’t agree to declare them as a merchant.
  • Affilisearch will provide all marketing material to the agent on behalf of the merchant.
  • The Affilisearch shall not release any kind of information about campaigns, creativities, merchants etc.
  • For impression click or sale, tracking merchant uses the FamilySearch
  • People means a merchantcan also give their payment via credit card.


The affilisearch.co.uk  is the website where people get their winning money as soon as possible and become a rich man. But we always should remember that during gambling people always maintain their limits and boundaries.

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